Chassim is the oldest daughter of the Duke of Chalced.

Character Edit

Chassim is proud and headstrong, historically defiant of her father's wishes for her. She is thrice widowed from previous marriages arranged by the Duke; there exist rumors that she caused all of her husbands' deaths.

Events Edit

Chancellor Ellik approaches the Duke with the possibility that Chassim is responsible for sowing political unrest among the local women by distributing her own writing. He then proposes that he wed Chassim to neutralize her threat to the Duke's power.

Chassim is kept locked in her room to prevent her from further destabilizing her father's regime. When Selden Vestrit is brought to court to nourish the Duke, Chassim is given the responsibility of keeping him alive. The two bond over their imprisonment and lack of autonomy. Chassim expresses her wish to rule as the Duchess of Chalced even as she realizes that gathering popular support for a female leader will be difficult.

Chassim and Selden are in the Duke's palace when the dragons attack. They survive the palace's destruction and are rescued.

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