Carson Lupskip is a hunter and uncle to Davvie. He signs aboard the Tarman expedition to take his nephew Davvie away after he mistakenly propositioned another Rain Wild man. He begins a relationship with Sedric Meldar and becomes both an Elderling and Dragon Keeper for the dragon Spit.

Initially just a talented and experienced hunter, his relationship with Sedric encourages him to become a Dragon Keeper in part to obtain the longevity enjoyed by Elderlings. His knowledge of hunting and animals makes him highly competent at his new job and his age grants him a great deal of respect from the other Dragon Keepers.

When FitzChivalry Farseer visits Kelsingra, it is revealed that Sedric and Carson are raising a child together. Their young daughter is one of the children he heals with his Skill magic. The child had actually been birthed by Jerd, who had decided she was not meant to be a mother, and given the girl to Sedric and Carson to raise.

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