Bee Farseer is the daughter of Fitz and Molly and, allegedly, the Fool. She is sister to Nettle, half-sister to Chivalry, Nimble, Swift, Steady, Just and Hearth, and foster sister to Hap. The Fool believes that he is her father as much as Fitz is, due to past mingling of his and Fitz's essences.

Character Edit

Bee is extremely small for her age and is usually thought to be several years younger than she actually is. She has pale skin, white hair, and blue eyes. She is frequently mistaken for a boy.

Bee has shown an affinity for the Wit, the Skill, and, to some degree, the gift of prophecy. She is highly sensitive to the Skill, to the point that she is often overcome with the thoughts of a Skilled individual when they make physical contact with her; as a baby, she would cry and squirm in discomfort when touched by her father and sister, both of whom are considered strongly Skilled. She appears to have some Wit-sense of Nighteyes, frequently encountering the spirit of a great wolf. She expresses a need to write and illustrate her dreams, some of which she feels are extremely important, much more so than others.

Events Edit

Fool's Assassin Edit

Molly's pregnancy is highly unusual: she is well past childbearing years, and the pregnancy lasts for more than two years. Bee is born so tiny and pale that she is not expected to survive by many.

For the first years of her life, Bee remains infant-sized and does not show normal signs of development such as walking or speaking. Eventually her growth becomes clear, and she is able to follow Molly around Withywoods and assist her with her tasks.

Bee learns to read, write, and draw early as a result of a compulsion to record her dreams, though this motivation is unknown to her parents.

She is late to speak, only "freeing her tongue" at the age of eight, and initially keeps her ability to speak proficiently a secret.

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