Aslevjal is an island in the Out Islands where the dragon Icefyre is encased in a glacier.

History Edit

Aslevjal was known to many Outislanders as the resting place of Icefyre, who was visible through the thick ice and snow that encased him. Icefyre's species was unknown, and he was often simply referred to as a monster. Outislanders visited Aslevjal to glimpse his outline and occasionally make sacrifices to him. Outislanders also had a legend of a Black Man, the island's only known inhabitant.

Aslevjal was the site of an Elderling city, which was built within its glacier. When the Pale Woman came to power, she created a base of operations within the ancient city. She also quarried memory stone and repeatedly attempted to carve a stone dragon from it.

A Skill-pillar site in the subterranean halls of Buckkeep leads directly to Asjeval.

Events Edit

The Tawny Man Trilogy Edit

Elliania Blackwater challenges Prince Dutiful to travel to Aslevjal to kill Icefyre as a prerequisite for their marriage. Dutiful accepts her challenge on the condition that she accompany him. Chade insists that Dutiful's fledgling Skill coterie also accompany him. To Fitz's surprise, the Fool also insists on joining the quest, solemnly revealing Aslevjal to be the location of his own death. He then insists that Icefyre must survive, contrary to their delegation's stated mission.

Dutiful's contingent arrives on Aslevjal and crosses the treacherous glaciers to reach Icefyre, still squabbling over Icefyre's fate and their uneasy interactions with Prilkop, the fabled Black Man. They are forced to dig for several days through the glacier to reach the dragon. During this process, Fitz and the Fool accidentally fall through the ice and find themselves in the subterranean halls of the Pale Woman's palace. She captures them and orders Fitz to slay Icefyre. Fitz returns to the surface and sets Chade's explosives to blast the ice apart and free Icefyre. The dragon is released just as Tintaglia arrives to prevent his death. The Pale Woman then brings her memory-stone dragon to life, and the three dragons battle. Through the combined efforts of Burrich and Swift, the stone dragon is killed. Tintaglia and Icefyre then mate in the skies above Aslevjal.

Fitz remains behind when Dutiful's contingent departs, as does Thick, secretly. Fitz and Thick are approached by Prilkop, and Thick remains in Prilkop's home while Fitz retrieves the Fool's body. Fitz removes the Fool's body from the island by traveling through the Skill-pillars located in the Elderling city. He returns to Prilkop's home with the living Fool. Fitz and Thick depart Aslevjal while the Fool remains for some time to recuperate. Prilkop and the Fool later depart Aslevjal through the Skill-pillars on their journey to Clerres.

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy Edit

The Fool and Spark visit Aslevjal briefly in Fool's Quest en route to Kelsingra through the Skill-pillars. The Fool finds even the short visitation to the island unpleasant.