Arkon Bloodblade is the war leader of the Outislander Boar Clan and the father of the Narcheska Elliania Blackwater.

Events Edit

Arkon accompanies Elliania to Buckkeep to finalize her betrothal agreement with Prince Dutiful. In the matriarchal Outislander society, Arkon enjoys limited prestige and power over Elliania compared to that of her maternal uncle Peottre Blackwater. However, this is not initially grasped by Kettricken and Chade, and they appear to pay more attention to Arkon during the first days of Elliania's visit.

Arkon later houses the many nobles that accompany Dutiful to the Out Islands in the stronghouse of the Boar Clan. Arkon himself joins Dutiful and his contingent on their journey to Aslevjal.