Abominations, also called Others, are creatures that inhabit Other's Island

Description Edit

An Abomination is the offspring of dragons that have been influenced by human contact, much in the same way that Elderlings are humans influenced by dragon contact. Unlike Elderlings, however, dragons despise Abominations and kill them when they can, usually promptly after one hatches.

The cataclysm resulted in the death of nearly all adult dragons, which allowed hatchling Abominations to survive. Unlike their serpent brethren, Abominations are unable to leave the island where they hatched. Instead, the Abominations populated the island, which eventually came to bear their name.

Abominations appear as large, slug-like creatures which repulse the humans who see them. They are able to manipulate humans' perceptions of them to their own ends, including influencing their own scents.

The Abominations captured She Who Remembers and imprisoned her on the island. Using her memories, the Abominations are able to appear to prophesy for those who visit their island; they refer to She Who Remembers as their oracle. They also claim the treasure of Treasure Beach as theirs, and impede anyone who attempts to remove items from the island.

The dragon Tintaglia furiously killed Abominations on Other's Island during the events of Ship of Destiny

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